Flowers by Burton - Brides Wedding Florist in Long Island, NY
Flowers by Burton - Brides Wedding Florist in Long Island, NY
Flowers by Burton - Wedding Florist Specialist
Long Island, NY

Flowers make every occasion more special and Flowers by Burton will make your Wedding Day Perfect! Our amazing floral design consultants can help you plan your wedding from start to finis
h with the perfect floral arrangements for your Wedding or that special party you have been planning.
Our Flower Bridal Consultants have over 75 years of Wedding Experience
Fresh Wedding flowers is an integral part of every wedding, and after gown and ring, it is flowers that should occupy a wedding organizer's primal importance. Fresh wedding flowers are not only used for decoration but are also used as a bridal floral accessory. Apart from this, fresh flowers are also used in a bride's bouquet. Flowers are brought in fresh every week for each event.
You and your guests will enjoy an unforgettable wedding ceremony & celebration. With our creative ideas, precise planning & impeccable organization, we can make your event the special occasion you dreamed about.
We invite you to view our floral wedding services and browse each area of our site.
If you have any questions, call Flowers by Burton in Long Island, NY at 631-424-3377. We would love to hear from you.

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